Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lampworking Studio

Since people always want to see other people's studio spaces, either for ideas for their own space or just general interest in the artist I wanted to show you mine :) The best part for me is the wooden cubes from target hung on the wall and filled with different shapes and sizes of pvc pipe for organizing the glass. Wait - did I say organizing? What I mean is "oh, there's an empty spot" :)

Actually I should take a current picture of it :) This picture was taken pretty much the minute it was finished, now it's a disaster - the dumping ground for anything nobody knows what to do with, piles of show items, stacks of boxes full of beads, the access to the crawl space and the tools used for the recent bathroom remodel - basically the messiest room in the house!
I used to work in a converted playhouse in the backyard. It was boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter and after 2 years of working out there my husband decided I needed space inside and remodeled an office space specifically for my studio - adding cupboards and a sink and extra lighting. Did I mention he's amazing! Anyway, I love my space, even when it's messy :)
PS - I can't remember the last time I saw the countertops! lol


Andrew Thornton said...

Your studio is such a pristine and organized looking space. Mine is chaotic and covered with inspirational quirks. They help me in my creative process. I wish I was more organized!

Veda's Beads said...

Andrew ~ I really need to post a current picture! This picture was taken right after we finished the remodel - every square inch is now covered with 'something'!!

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