Monday, September 21, 2009

Glass Stock

The most fun I've ever had with my torch on!!! Four full days of torching with and learning from some of the most amazing artists I've ever met! I learned so much from the classes, but I also learned something from every single person I met there.

This is a picture of Deb Crowely ~ the indominatable force behind the Glass Stock event. She is an incredible artist and also a fun, kind-hearted women who is passionate about glass and infuses everyone she meets with the same passion! Thank you Deb for sharing your knowledge and spirit with all of us :)

The most important lesson I learned at this event was to stop fearing that every new element I added to a bead would be the one to ruin it. I learned a freedom to create that I had never allowed myself before. I haven't put every technique I learned to use - but this one lesson I'm sure will dominate my efforts at the torch - probably for as long as I do this. Thanks again to all the incredible artists who shared so much of their knowledge and their spirit with all of us - You all rock out loud!!

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