Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Color Mixing

Yesterday I played around with mixing my own custom colors.  Basically, you take two rods of glass, heat the ends, smoosh them around and pull them into something resembling a new rod.  Actually, it's more like a thick stringer when I do it. :)  I then made clear beads and encased them with the new color - the clear base makes it so my skinny rod of glass will go farther.

This set is made from effetre rosewood and dark ivory mixed about 50/50.  So far it's one of my favorite custom colors!  This is something I will most likely continue to play with, as a matter of fact, I'm off to play now!  Have a great day :)


J. Winterbower said...

Those are beautiful. You are very talented:)

Veda's Beads said...

Thank you :) But your marbles are outstanding!! I love this one:

J. Winterbower said...

This is my favorite in your Artfire store:) A beautiful snowflake..

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