Monday, October 5, 2009

New work

I'm working on a few new things - night scenes and ocean scenes. Couldn't be farther apart! But I'm having fun with both :)

Here's a night scene - Blue goldstone background, big yellow moon, tree silhouette and a black bird preparing to take off from a branch.

and from a series of Starfish by the Sea - A red starfish waits on a sandy beach for the cool blue water to cover him.

I have another series of ocean floor beads that I'm working on as well. For now, I'm calling these my 'no fear' beads. My goal is to feel the freedom to add more and more elements to a bead with out the fear that the next step will 'ruin' it! It's a concept that I have difficulty allowing myself to believe :)

Off to the torch!! Happy Monday :)

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