Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you say BUSY!!

I'm just stopping  by here to take a breath and share some of my newer work, and to remind everyone that I'm always up for special orders ~ but please contact me soon!

Currently, I'm working on non-jewelry gift items ~

Here is a set of fruit salad magnets

 and of course: more Charmed Dreads :)   Lately, I've been wearing these just on a simple neck cord and I love them!

I have some wine gift sets almost finished too!  So with that, I'll get back to my long list of beads to make,   jewelry to finish, gift sets to put together and holidays to plan!  And if I can squeeze in some housework, I'll
try to get the beads and bead related items off of every flat surface in my house :D                                     

(please don't tell my husband I said that, he might expect me to actually do it!)