Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Studio Clean Up!

I've been putting off the overwhelming task of cleaning my studio for months, but I finally buckled down and spent 2 days cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of all the stuff that doesn't belong in there.  Which probably means I was avoiding doing something that I wanted to do even less! :D  Well, it was approaching dangerous ~ I had a pile of glass that I kept putting the latest hot rod down on, and it was getting to the point that the hot rod would slip down the pile and I would try to catch it.

Years ago, we remodeled our house (this room was the original living room) and this became an office/laundry room.  The I started lampworking and set up in a playhouse in the yard that the kids had outgrown. When we remodeled again and added an addition with a new laundry room, my superfantabulous husband added cupboards, counterspace, ventilation and a sink to this room and moved me inside. 

This room seriously has not been this clean since the day I moved in ~  I guess now I'll either be way more productive or afraid to go in there and make a mess! 

Have a productive day!


kelleysbeads said...

What an absolutely wonderful space! It looks awesome!!! I need to clean up my studio and thinking that's on my To-Do list for the rest of the week since I decided to use up some vacation days.

gaffergirls.com said...

feels good .. doesn't it...


Happy Holidays...

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