Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shout Out!

My life in beads has been enriched and encouraged beyond measure by the people who support me! I think it's time to let them know and to introduce them to you...

My incredible husband Dusty! This man will listen to me talk about beads for hours without even getting a glassy (haha) look in his eyes! He jokes about hawking beads like a carnie - but he's there at every festival setting up, selling beads and tearing down. He's my biggest fan and my most trusted advice giver.

My goofy friend Kristin ~ owner of The Sun Dog Bead Co. the best bead store in town!  She's always coming up with new ideas for me to try and is my biggest inspiration.  This woman sells more of my beads than I do!

My beautiful girls!  Design ideas, tech support, promoters and the people who love even the beads I just want to throw away!

My BFF Melody! Nothing feeds my creativity like the two of us dumping every bead we own in the middle of one of our kitchen tables and bouncing ideas off each other while we make jewelry.

My Dad!  He's always so positive about my work and full of new ideas for me.  I know he's supposed to like the stuff I make because he's my Dad, but he always makes me feel like he likes it for real!

My Sister! (Apparently I don't have a photo) But she's a great promoter and the woman who first introduced me to this addiction!

And I could go on and on.... In-laws, friends, extended family, facebook friends.... all the people who encourage, inspire, critique, and support me ~
Thank you!

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