Monday, August 29, 2011

What Doesn't Work

Sometimes answering the question "what doesn't work" is as important as learning what does work.  Partly because answering this question means you are trying new things, experimenting with new ideas, and probably well on your way to some fantastic new art work! 

As a continuation of my collaboration post:  Dusty thought I could do something with the fork and spoon ends that were left over from making the bracelets.  So I decided to add glass to the ends and see if I could make fancy hors d'œuvre forks. 

It didn't work....

They would have been a little short, but I attempted it anyway as a "would it work" test.

This fork was stainless steel, which is what my mandrels are made of, and I know from experience I can permently stick beads to my mandrels if the bead release breaks.  However, in this case the glass shattered on the interior (why it didn't fall off yet I don't know).

Will I try this again?  Maybe.  Perhaps there is some other way to do it that would have better results.

Will I try other things?  You Betcha!  I already have 2 more new ideas that will either be abject failures or totally cool successes.  Either way ~ another valuable lesson learned at the torch.

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