Friday, March 1, 2013

Tool Talk ~ Zoozii's Charm Box

Let's talk tools!

I'm kind of a tool junky ~ I have a LOT of them! 

Today's tool talk will focus on Zoozii's Charm Box

First, let me say that Zooziis are my favorite tools!  They're high quality, excellent value, great customer service, easy to use, and I like the pegs for making sure you get a straight press.  This one is really opening up possibilities for me in making European charm beads and getting away from the standard donut-ish shape.

Here are some beads I made with this press

It really is an easy to use tool!  I found that using just the base and rolling the beads to shape them is the easiest way to use this one.  Except for the square and diamond shapes of course!  Those two you do have to press. As with any press, start with less glass than you think you'll need since adding more is easier than taking some away. After you've added your glass to the mandrel, lay it in the slot you plan to use and gently pull it toward you while you roll the bead away from you.  With this method you can also make more than one on a mandrel as long as you start with the bead closest to your hand and leave a big enough space between that one and the start of the next one.

I will say that the square shape took me the longest to make, with the most reheating and pressing and surprisingly the round one is the most difficult (for me anyway) to keep from getting sharp edges.

Overall ~ I love this one, and I would definitely buy it again!

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