Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm completely finished with the studio organizing project!!   (Finally!)  Whew, that took a while.  I promise myself I will never have to do that again!

View from the door

Torch Bench
After ~ All set and ready for beadmaking!

Before ~ ughh!

Jewelry Bench
After ~ And I can find everything!

Before ~ but actually after I got most of the glass off of it.

So now that I know what I have, and where it is, it's safe to say I will not need to be placing any more supply orders.  Ever.  Seriously.  I could do this for 10 years and not use every rod of glass in my studio!  Unless I run out of clear, or white, or black, or red, or...... oh, who am I kidding?!  Frantz will have a sale I can't pass up, or CIM will come out with new colors and I'll be placing another big order!  

I'm totally conflicted now though ~ rush in there and make stuff becuase it's going to be so great to find everything easily and have room to work, or never go in there again so it stays neat and tidy.  

Just kidding! The kiln is already warming up ~ of course I couldn't wait!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Studio Update

So I've been organizing in my studio AGAIN!  I'm getting the glass done this time though, so hopefully, this is the last full on studio re-do I'll ever have to do.  I have made a big dent in the glass storage going from this:


To this:

WHEW!  That was a bigger project than I anticipated!  In all honesty, I'm still not finished (I will NOT show you pictures of the piles that are still on the floor! lol)  But I'm getting somewhere, and I'm already finding it easier to decide what colors to use.

While I've been working on this project I've come to realize that I have a LOT of tools that are begging for some sort of organized storage too.  

If there was a "Hoarders" show for crafters, I would probably qualify!

But the upside is I've decided to start a "Tool Talk" segment on my blog.  I'll feature one tool (hopefully every week) let you know if I have any hints or tricks to using it, whether or not I would buy it again, show you some samples of what I've made with it, etc.  And the (other) upside is that this will make me really focus on each tool and possibly even part with the ones I don't really, truly love. (Read - more room for new tools!)

Okay ~ diving back in!  I've already started thinking about the first tool review ~ and it's one I've only had for 4 days and I already love!

I'll leave you with a little cleaning music ~ crank this one up and try not to dance!