Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long Distance Running

No, I'm not running a marathon (no suprise to those of you who know me!), but it certainly feels like it these days.  Right now I'm running my life, my home and my business long distance while I help my Grandfather with harvest.  I'm scattered all over "Hell's half acre" (as Grandpa puts it) and it's a bit of a challenge.  Hubby and the kids are at home ~ thank goodness for text messaging and facebook! And I must say, Dusty makes a much better housewife than I do!

But the business stuff all has to travel back and forth between here and home when we're not picking. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that no matter where I am, something I need is in another location.

This is the temporary torch set up at my in-law's house:



I have an 8X10 studio at home that is absolutely packed ~ so when my husband saw this he said "really, is that all you need?"  Um, no.  I need all that stuff, this is just the very bare essentials.

And my temporary jewelry, Etsy, mailing station at my friend's house:


But it's totally worth it when I get to spend all day outside; fresh air, the sun on my face, and haning out with my Grandpa!  This amazing man has so much knowledge to share and so many interesting stories to tell. I learn something new every time he talks to me.  It is an incredible experience to go to work every day with a man who truly loves what he does and I continue to learn so much from his passion for life. 

I wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything!

Here's my Farmville post from last year, and every word of it holds true.

Plus ~ I get to play fun games like "Can you spot the fruit in this tree?"  Hint: It's a pear.


And just look at the view from my "office"!


So, while my life may be crazy, busy, scattered ~ I wouldn't have it any other way!

Today's experiences are tomorrow's memories, and I treasure every one.

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